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Why Don't More Kids Play Badminton?

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I suppose it shows my age when I say things like that. I recall having several badminton sets as a kid. They were lots of fun then and I'll bet if more kids were exposed to them - they'd find it true today as well. I suppose it's not unlike so many other sports niches - a small but rabid following whose expertise scares away crowds of novice players. Have you ever seen a 'professional' badminton match?

When I first began researching for the badminton page on Backyard Steward site I was mesmerized by the incredible depth of product variability - the technology and materials used in the racquets are very modern and highly sophisticated. We've come to the point now that we're looking for ways to reduce wind drag on badminton racquets. Some are reminiscent of fine Chevy engines - completely blueprinted and balanced. Can you believe that?

All that high tech stuff aside for a moment - badminton is an excellent backyard game you should consider for your kids - if you haven't already. It's a low impact and deliberately easy game to play for beginners. The slowed movement inherent of the shuttlecock (we called it the birdie when I was a kid) makes it a game that old and young can play together easily. Very few people can't pick up a badminton racquet and whack the shuttlecock across the net a time or two. One might even consider it a primer for a much more demanding sport such as tennis. Tennis, while generally similar, is much harder on just about all your body parts by comparison. Knees, wrists, and ankles are much better off for badminton players - trust me on that.

Another great characteristic of badminton is the ease and speed in which you can set up the net. Most backyard sets have aluminum poles that can easily be planted with little effort. For kids this is good for another reason - changing the height of the net. Once kids start batting the shuttlecock around a bit they typically forget about keeping score - because they're having too much fun. Does outdoor exercise get any better than that? You don't have to strictly adhere to the court dimensions either - which makes it fit in any size backyard.

Personally I think badminton is a developmental thing that all kids ought to be exposed to at least once in their lives. Coordination, timing, and balance are all synergized and in the guise of good natured entertainment. For the older kids you'd probably want to chalk the yard for all those 'line' shots - just to prepare them for their tennis-like McEnroe impersonations.

All kidding aside, badminton with or without strict interpretation of badminton rules is one of those classic family fun games yours is virtually guaranteed to enjoy.

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