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Kids Count - Add an Interactive Feature and Enjoy the Results

Recently, the newspaper La Costera Family (Savannah, GA) held a "Cute Kids" contest. At the time it was a web designer and Internet service provider (from the past in the house), who participated in the reception and transmission of the 100s of votes to the e-mail: Editor of the newspaper. Both of us were overwhelmed with the response to this contest not only e-mail to vote but for Internet users. We have received the votes of all United States and even a vote of Australia. Thanks Aussie!

There are several lessons learned and key points that we drew from the promotion of this contest online. The first was that should have created an interactive database to record all the votes. We could have done this, but we forget one of the basic rules of the Internet publication "Be prepared for the unlikely." Secondly, we have learned that people interested in joining in the fun and especially when a website visitor sees something of value. I asked the publishers of the Costa family, "Now what do we do to keep people who visited the website to return to have more fun?" I am sure that will come something really great.

As I think of the children and the Internet, I agree that my granddaughter and 3 grandsons who are able to surf the Internet with a little help from their parents. They like entertainment and fun. Because their reading skills are still maturing, brought to the sites that offer large numbers of images and easy to navigate buttons. My grandson, that I can often recognize one of their favorite games from Disney by a simple image of "Goofy." While he can not fully understand the words you see in the photographs and pop-up ads. Like all children, their comment is "I want". Not surprisingly, spending so much money for birthday and Christmas gifts. Education our children will know exactly what they want.

For those of us in the Internet business and for those of you who are on the network or to think about it, there is a message ... sell to children and parents buy. When I was teaching at university level 1 teaches a class called "36 ways to close a sale." One of my favorites was the closing of sales "the puppy dog close." Parents and children go to the pet store to buy a gold fish and the person who greets sales is leading to an adorable puppy dog and hands one of the smallest. Immediately proclaims that the child must take the puppy home, and often is. Both for the fish!

As more computers are purchased for home use, the number of children for use in home entertainment will grow proportionately. The Internet is part of your daily routine and not just send email to your friend in two peaks, Arizona or join a defeat, but children who are looking for things to buy ... Buy! A recent study by the National Academic Press show that more than 76 percent of children said they had used the Internet in the week before being interviewed, with an average utilization rate of three to four times a week. The time spent in line was an hour or less 61 per cent of the children interviewed, with another 26 percent spending one to two hours online on a typical day.

While Internet security is an important issue for parents and the whole world "professional" online, there is still enough evidence to show that kids are buying on the Internet with (hopefully) parental supervision. The numbers are impressive, and again the internet offers an opportunity to increase sales.

Let's use a local business as an example of''the children of marketing. "We have designed and host a website Savannah inn. When talking about the general design and content with the Director General of the inn, talking about" what to do with children after 5 pm . It was suggested that adding a "Places of Interest" to your website. Attractions include fun things to do and places to take kids. Since I added that "things for children" is an average of the payment of more than 50 people a month visiting its Web site. However, the inn is a great place to stay, but it provides a reason to stay in the provision of information that parents can use to entertain their children. All these activities are available to potential customers before making a reservation.

Most of you who sell services or products should strongly consider "marketing the child" when the strategy of designing or updating your website. Think about it and you will realize how easy it is to add to your web marketing plan. Here are some examples:

Tour companies: Beautiful and Historic Sites and Kid stuff (parks, beaches, playgrounds, and babysitting services).

Restaurants: Great food and a children's menu.

Rooms: Great value and Kid Stuff: swimming pool, close to putt-putt, children's playground.

Travel: Cruises boy and offering babysitting services.

Real Estate Agents: Houses that are located near schools, parks and other family activities.

A brief note of caution before you jump on the construction of any kind of interaction could include information about young visitors because of the provisions contained in "The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act." There are specific legal requirements involved and should be considered in developing a website for children. " However, the addition of high content aimed at children as "attractions" and other information is a valuable addition to any website.

Chuck St. Arnaud is the Chairman and CEO of the oldest and largest ISP in the coastal areas of Georgia. A frequent writer and speaker on the Internet, you are considered an asset when it comes to understanding the potential of using the Internet. Chuck is also an adjunct professor of marketing at a local university.

Visit his blog at http://www.sysconn.com/ask

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