Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Playgrounds Are More Than Just Play!

Playgrounds are one of the favorite places of children. This is where they are free to run and play with other children. But alongside them fun, playgrounds offer a great opportunity for children to learn important social skills that they can apply later in life. It is not only to promote fitness for children, but also their team communication and social skills. There are many ways on how a play can help a child social skills.

The playground is a place for young children to have friends. This is where they begin to learn to interact with other children. It gives them the idea that they are not the only one who uses the playground. Thus, they need to cooperate with other children. They first take place with the equipment. And finally, they overcome their shyness and ask for the names of other children. Before the day ends, they have won new friends who share games that are packed with their imagination.

Playgrounds help children learn the value of sharing. They learn to share equipment such as see-saw, slides, swings etc. Since the playground is more or less of each type of equipment, they have to take turns and share the ability to use the playground . He also teaches children to be patient. They line up and wait their turn.

Children strengthen their communication and social skills in the playground. It is also where they interact with people they do not know personally. They learn to approach another child who is a stranger to them. They use their communication skills to interact with other children and, finally, get to know them. They learn to seek help and to help someone who is needed. He also know the value of compassion. They also learn to negotiate when it comes to share games with others. Playing games with a group of children also teach them what teamwork. Whenever they lose, they learn to be a good sport.

Playground is also the means for a child of the creative thinking skills. They generally use their imagination in role play with other children. They transform the playground into a space shuttle, a jungle, a ship, and much more. Using the imagination is a healthy exercise for the mind, because it brings the creativity of children.

Nurseries should invest in playgrounds because he does not only give pleasure and enjoyment to children. Playground facilities are also much in the development of social skills and communication as well as the values that are fundamental to a child of growth. It teaches them the value of sharing, patience, teamwork, be good sports, compassion, friendship and much more. These skills and values are key to the success of your children as they grow to be a better person.

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