Friday, June 19, 2009

Teaching Playground Safety to Kids

Kids' toys the children can hold attention for a number of times, but the amount of toys to children around the world will not prevent them from playing in a playground. Children should have time to play outside if only to give them fresh air and exercise. Target also playgrounds to give them the opportunity to develop social skills.

Playgrounds, however, is not exactly the safest place to leave an unattended child. Adult supervision is required to ensure that children around the game behavior will not harm them or other children. Adult must also ensure that the court itself is safe for use.

Parents and guardians are responsible for teaching children how to be safe while at play. These are general rules that children should learn about playground safety:

1. No pressure

Focusing on youth, especially young men, the dangers of pushing and roughhousing as jungle gyms, slides, swings, swings and other equipment. Tell them that the possible results if they do - or they can be physically hurt or injure their comrades.

2. Use equipment correctly

Before letting them play, it is important to teach them the proper way to use games. Children are more likely to use the playground equipment in accordance with their own imagination. Thus, it should be taught that they must move their feet when first reading the slides, and they should not climb outside guardrails. They must also remember not to jump the swings and do not put hands near moving parts.

3. Go with caution

In memory of a child not to skip while playing is an exercise in futility. It is more productive to teach them that when they jump, they should first verify that no other children in their own way, and they have both feet on the ground with your knees slightly bent.

4. Let your business in one place

Teach them to determine any possible risk of collapse, such as The Roots of trees and rocks. Let them understand why it is important to keep the bags, backpacks, bicycles and other toys to children outside where they play.

5. Do not play when the material is wet or hot

Children should be taught the dangers of using a wet game. Parents should remember that the cause of moisture to the surface slippery and can lead to accidents.

During the summer, children should also be reminded not to play with hot equipment, especially those made of metal.

6. Let the children toys

Children, especially younger life, should be discouraged from making toys for children, while Thursday so they can maintain good playground equipment

7. Do not wear something with a string

Emphasize the danger to children who wear clothing with strings in a playground. Little girls should be aware that the straps of their bags or Necklaces can be made on equipment and accidentally strangle.

8. Choose wisely play structures

Children should understand the dangers of playing on structures that are too large or too small for them. Play can dangerous if the equipment is not designed for their age group.

9. Wear sunscreen

Encourage children to use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.

Adult must supervise children at play, but their greatest responsibility is to teach children how to behave responsibly in a playground.

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